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New Album: Professor John, Sophomore Sizzler

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New Album: Professor John, Sophomore Sizzler

New Album: Professor John, Sophomore Sizzler

New Album: Professor John, Sophomore Sizzler…

Professor John is releasing his second solo album Sophomore Sizzler on June 9, 2022. The album includes 9 songs that he wrote, performed, produced, and mastered, featuring a wide range of genres including rock, hip hop, jazz, world, and of course the FUNK. The bass guitar is featured prominently on this album, featuring the versatility of the instrument. It will be available world-wide on all music platforms.

John Mallanda aka Professor John is a bassist and producer born and raised in Marietta, GA. John’s parents had him involved early in piano lessons and the middle school band, but music never really stuck for him… until one day when he was 14, he heard the bass guitar played live. Now 34 years old, John has a resume that includes releasing one solo album, playing bass with various musicians around Atlanta, producing hip hop and R&B instrumental and contributing bass lines to other artists’ music. With this background, John has crafted a unique style of funk that features the bass guitar and is heavily influenced by such artists including Marcus Miller, the Brother’s Johnson, Parliament Funkadelic, and Victor Wooten.

Professor John’s first album, Freshman Orientation, was featured on Bass Musician Magazine’s website, and he was chosen as one of Atlanta’s Top 3 RAW Artists of the Year in 2013 ( He is local to metro Atlanta, GA and has been performing his solo act at venues around the city including Smith’s Olde Bar, Aisle 5, the Hard Rock Cafe, and Piedmont Park for almost a decade!

He is a great representation of artists in the metro-Atlanta area, and the eclectic mix of genres and prominent bass lines on Sophomore Sizzler are sure to excite your tastes and expand your knowledge of the role of the bass guitar in music.

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