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Album Review: Nicolas Meier World Group, Magnificent/Live/Stories

Album Review: Nicolas Meier World Group, Magnificent/Live/Stories

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Album Review: Nicolas Meier World Group, Magnificent/Live/Stories

Nicolas Meier World Group, Magnificent/Live/Stories, with Kevin Glasgow on bass.

Guitarist Nicolas Meier put together an excellent 3-CD album, Magnificent/Live/Stories, that was released in late 2021. Even though this album is not as bass centered as most that I listen to, there are a lot of juicy bass bits for us to enjoy. The band is composed of Nicolas on guitars, Demi Garcia on percussion, Kevin Glasgow on bass, and Richard Jones on violin.

Each of the CDs has its own title. They are Magnificent, Stories, and Live and each is very distinctively different.

They are all inspired by the musical exposure Nicolas received while traveling around the planet as a musician and are a beautiful collection of world music flavors. Magnificent is the studio album with the most bass work on it. Kevin does a great job of complimenting each tune with the perfect proportions of groove and flare. Stories is all guitar doing covers of familiar tunes from around the globe. Live is exactly that, it is a recorded live performance that captures the energy these excellent musicians bring to the stage. Every tune on each album is performed to perfection by these talented musicians.

This whole impressive project is an opportunity to let your mind wander as you are treated to a variety of interesting time signatures, melodic choices, and interpretations. It is a veritable bouquet of musical flowers, each different and exquisite in its own right. This set is a great introduction to world music if you are not already acquainted and a splendid treat if you are already a fan as am I.

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