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First Solo Album: Mike Downes, Mind Mirrors

First Solo Album: Mike Downes, Mind Mirrors

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First Solo Album: Mike Downes, Mind Mirrors

Mind Mirrors, with Mike Downes on acoustic bass & Yamaha SLB200

Mind Mirrors brings the instrumental, compositional, and improvisational artistry of multiple JUNO award-winner, Mike Downes, to the forefront as his first solo bass album.

The reflection of the sky in a lake, the sun streaming through windows in the morning, tributaries of sound, the rumble of thunder – everyday experiences, all reflected in mirrors of the mind. This music comes from all those places. All the compositions, including Tributes and Tributaries, pay deep gratitude to the long lineage of extraordinary bassists who blazed the way forward. 

-Mike Downes

Mike has been a prominent fixture both within the Canadian music scene and abroad, praised for his limitless versatility, seemingly effortless technique, and the extensive knowledge he has not just of his own instrument, but also of the foundation of music. Mike is a seasoned veteran not just as a performer, but as a respected composer, arranger, and educator. 

Mind Mirrors will be released worldwide on Friday, Sept. 16, 2022. 

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