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Album Review: Franco Ambrosetti, Nora, With Scott Colley on Bass


Album Review: Franco Ambrosetti, Nora, With Scott Colley on Bass

Franco Ambrosetti, Nora, With Scott Colley on Bass…

Swiss Jazz icon and trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti brings us another stellar album! First, he assembled an amazing group of musicians to play on this project including John Scofield on guitar, Uri Caine on piano, Peter Erskine on drums, Scott Colley on bass, and Sara Caswell on violin and as concertmaster. We are treated to eight tracks of both original compositions as well as Jazz standards all executed to perfection.

As the classic pieces are so iconic, Scott’s bass work was very precise and exactly what I would have expected without going over the top and shadowing the other musicians. I really did enjoy the clarity with which his upright was recorded as it holds a prominent yet balanced place in the mix. It makes me curious as to how he was recorded as I would recommend that approach to many other players.

The general feel I got from this album was a softer side of Jazz and I was pleased to recognize many of the tunes. As you might imagine, this group played impeccably as a combo and still clearly shined through as individuals. With a band of musical giants like these, this fine result was to be expected.

This is a great album to relax and share with friends over a meal or a glass of fine wine.

Franco Ambrosetti, Nora is available online at

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