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10 Best Bass Gear Gadgets and Tools

Bass Gear Guide

10 Best Bass Gear Gadgets and Tools

10 Best Bass Gear Gadgets and Tools

Bass Musician continues the holiday gear shopping season with our best bass gadgets and tools…

Featured Image, Gruv Gear FretWraps

Wedgie Pick Holders

Justin Emord (Endorsee) Shares

As a bass player that uses a pretty aggressive pick attack and performs hard live, the chances of me dropping my picks or snapping them are pretty high. With the Wedgie Pick Holder, I have two picks on my headstock at all times which makes life easy when I don’t have to run back to my mic stand. SHOP BASS GEAR

Music Nomad Premium Instrument Work Mat & Neck Support

Raul Amador Shares

These two items have made working on my bass so easy! My bass rests on a cushioned, non-skid surface while the cube holds the neck up for better access. Perfect for the simplest to the most complex jobs you can do at home.

I am also looking forward to checking out the Music Nomad Octopus 8 ’n 1 Tech Tool, as I think it would make a great addition to my gig bag. SHOP BASS GEAR

LOXX USA Strap Locks

Justin Emord (Endorsee) Shares

A strap lock that closes and locks automatically; no more nuts and wrenches to continually tighten. SHOP BASS GEAR

EMG Pickups

Alex Lofoco Shares

The only pickups I have found that deliver everything I want. SHOP BASS GEAR

KSM Foundation Bridge

Raul Amador Shares

Adding a high density bridge to my 70’s Fernandes has given it a new, richer sound with much greater sustain. SHOP BASS GEAR

Gruv Gear Fretwraps

Alex Lofoco Shares

Most useful string dampener.

Lots of colors/styles available. SHOP BASS GEAR

Hipshot Bass X-Tender

Justin Emord (Endorsee) Shares

Drops your low E string down a full step easily with the flip of a lever.

Installing is a breeze. SHOP BASS GEAR

Snark SN-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner

Raul Amador Shares

You have absolutely got to have a tuner in your bag!

This Snark model is compact, sturdy and easy to use. SHOP BASS GEAR

PreSonus FaderPort 8, Studio 6|8, Studio One 3 Professional

Ty Campbell Shares

PreSonus has a complete suite of tools for musicians that are worth checking out…

Get the feel and control of the big studios with the FaderPort 8

Studio 6|8 is a complete audio recording interface for the home studio, DJ, and podcasts. Ultimate portability too!

Studio One 3 Professional is a complete DAW that has everything you need to get started including virtual instruments, audio loops, and templates for every style, with examples to get you rolling and into production! SHOP BASS GEAR

FretRest by Proline GH1 Guitar Wall Hanger

Raul Amador Shares

We have just so much floor space… and we have a lot of basses.

Taking to the wall with something sturdy just might be what you need to showcase your basses. SHOP BASS GEAR



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