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Ray Riendeau | “Arrhythmia” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Ray Riendeau


I know Ray Riendeau.  We’ve done clinics and shows together and I know this dude can play, so I figured, “Cool.  No brainer review…  I’ll dig checking this CD out”.  I wasn’t ready for it…  i knew it’d be impressive but It’s really cool, too!  Not just a technical display, but a very interesting album to listen to musically as well.  Now, no doubt… Ray can give ANY slapper a serious run for his money, but I didn’t expect the vast display of groove, musicality and production.  There is everything from fusion-y odd-time blowing to hip-hop/spoken word grooving.  The unifying theme is…  GROOVE.  This is a head-bobbing type of CD that is as much impressive technically as it is fun musically.  Great playing by all involved and the tone is all there.  Now, I just need to get Ray to show me how in the name of all that’s sacred he played that slap solo over Ornithology!!??!!

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