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Stanley Clarke Trio | “Jazz in the Garden” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Stanley Clarke Trio
“Jazz in the Garden”

What an interesting pairing! Stanley Clarke, Lenny White with Hiromi. I was very interested to hear what this would sound like and I can tell you that it sounds great! Stanley’s bass tone is just beautiful here (and the playing is.. well, Stanley Clarke!). Lenny White is musical and endlessly supportive and Hiromi just SHINES here. She and Stanley really get into some beautiful interplay (as well as some great unison lines) and her playing is every bit as astounding as ever, but more musical to my ears than I’ve heard before. She’s always had astounding chops but this recording really showcases her boundless musicality as well.

Stanley has achieved a near perfect balance of hard swinging bop and straight ahead with some beautiful bass featured tracks that, as a whole, provide a nice bed for all three of these consummate musicians to really do their respective thing.

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