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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Dave LaRue | “Hub City Kid”

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Dave LaRue
“Hub City Kid”

Dave LaRue’s first solo release (being re-released in May of 2010) is a primed example of what Dave does best. Rock solid rock bass and wonderful melodic content inherent in all of his lines, solos and chordal passages. Although this is a new release, all but two solo bass tracks were recorded in ’92 and, unfortunately does sound quite dated stylistically (and sonically, some of the huge synth-y drum sounds and reverbs made me giggle). Technically, I guess this is a re-release with additional content.

Honestly tho, if you listen past the 80’s/90’s production style and get with the music, it’s happening! Dave’s playing is wonderfully represented here and there is some very cool bass playing throughout. Mike Stern can be heard on a few tracks as well. The band smokes on this, but it may take some patience to get past the production.

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