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2017 Holiday Bass Gear Guide – 10 Best Basses Under $1000

Bass Gear Guide

2017 Holiday Bass Gear Guide – 10 Best Basses Under $1000

2017 Holiday Bass Gear Guide – 10 Best Basses Under $1000

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Bass Musician kicks off the holiday gear shopping season with our 10 best basses under $1000!

Ibanez SRH505 Bass with Flat Dragon Eye Burst

This is a great example of less being more.

This lightweight, hollowbody speaks out through it’s AeroSilk Piezo system. The body shape allows greater reach to the upper frets and the beveled area where your right arm rests is a sweet spot.

Flatwound strings make you think you are hearing an upright. SHOP BASS GEAR

Sire Bass Guitars

Jon Moody Shares

For the money, it’s really hard to beat the Sire bass. Out of the box it’s way ahead of everything else at twice the price.

Raul Amador Shares

Sire has quite a following of kick-ass players! Great basses with a variety of styles for all skill levels. Excellent customer service to boot. SHOP BASS GEAR

Fender Aerodyne Bass

Justin Emord (Endorsee) Shares

As a P Bass kind of player, I was shocked at how enjoyable the Aerodyne Bass was.

Sleek look, fast neck and a punchy P-J pickup configuration make this a great sounding bass for many styles. SHOP BASS GEAR

Schecter Guitar Research Riot-5 Session

Raul Amador Shares

I just got one of these a week ago and am busy checking out all the sweet details.

It feels quite solid and packs a real punch with the 18 V active EMG, single coil pickups. SHOP BASS GEAR

Fender Road Worn ’50s Precision Bass

Everybody should have a P-Bass and why not go retro all the way back to the 50’s.

This bass is built with all the 50’s specs and has that comfortable worn in feel.

This one is a classic. SHOP BASS GEAR

Kala Sub Bass

Ty Campbell Shares

Time to add a ‘little’ bass into your life!

Don’t let the size fool you… this small and might bass definitely has a deep, low-end and the sound you get is quite impressive.

Feature Kala’s proprietary Pahoehoe strings.

4-string and 5-string models available. SHOP BASS GEAR

Cort Jeff Berlin Series Rithimic Bass

Raul Amador Shares

I watched Jeff Berlin play one of these right out of the box at NAMM earlier this year and it was amazing.

The woodwork is beautiful and the Bartolini pickups really sing.

A lot of bass for the price. SHOP BASS GEAR

Ibanez SR30TH5 Bass

Ibanez is celebrating their 30th anniversary and this bass is a physical piece of the celebration!

The semi-hollow mahogany body with the oval sound holes give this instrument a warm, rich sound.

The rosewood fretboard (we will be seeing less of this wood available), Bartolini pickups and passive soapbars give it a respectable voice. SHOP BASS GEAR

Warwick RockBass Corvette $$

This bass has a lot of the features that have made Warwick basses so popular. Passive Humbuckers set up to capture your sound from the sweet spot.

The sleek ash body and maple neck give you all the warmth and growl you need. SHOP BASS GEAR

Yamaha TRBX505 Bass

Yamaha has put a lot of effort into perfecting this mahogany body active/passive workhorse.

The tone control and flexibility that Yamaha electronics offer is second to none. The LED Battery indicator makes sure that you don’t find yourself out of juice.

The high mass bridge and 18 mm string spacing make this one perfect for slap as well as finger style. SHOP BASS GEAR




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