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Best Bucket List Basses

Best Bucket List Basses

Bass Musician continues the holiday gear shopping season with our 10 Best Bucket List Basses…

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Verdine White Signature Bass From Sadowsky Guitars

Raul Amador Shares

I saw this sweet Verdine White ignature bass at the winter NAMM show. This NYC Satin series bass has a PJ pickup configuration with a J bass style body and neck. The Sadowsky attention to detail and proprietary electronics make these reliable workhorses a to pick.

Sidenote… This Signature Bass is a tribute to Verdine’s late brother, Maurice White. A portion of the proceeds from each bass is donated to the non-profit Verdine White Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, CA. SHOP BASS GEAR

Hilton Basses

Jon Moody Shares

Pete is a true artisan and craftsman, and makes instruments that you don’t think about when you play them.

Not an endorser, but I do own one. SHOP BASS GEAR

Saber HexFX Bass

Raul Amador Shares

These limited edition basses, sporting the patented LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System Technology and HexFX 13 Pin output, provide some very cool high-tech features and expand your sound possibilities.

The colors and Carbon Fiber pickguard give them a real bad-ass bass look. SHOP BASS GEAR

Laurus Quasar T900

Alex Lofoco Shares

The most accurate high performance piano-like bass guitar.

Lighweight and super reliable. SHOP BASS GEAR

Serek Basses

Ty Campbell Shares

One of the finest custom bass Luthiers. SHOP BASS GEAR

Raul – Fodera Masterbuilt, Southwest

Raul Amador Shares

The moment I saw this bass I started drooling. The beautiful wood/turquoise/mother of pearl inlay design and body/neck wood make me want to play this bad boy in Sant Fe when visiting family.

In typical Fodera fashion, this bass is just more than beautiful… it has substance with features that Mike Pope and Matt Garrison have come up with. Just look at the Tuners and the Pickup covers… Damn! SHOP BASS GEAR

Oliver Lang

Alex Lofoco Shares

The best blend of vintage and modern tone.


XOTIC XPJ1T 4-String Bass in Ocean Turquoise Metallic

Raul Amador Shares

If anybody knows about basses, Chuck Rainey is the guy – and he is endorsing Xotic!

This lightweight, (8.8 – 9.2 lbs) bass has received a lot of attention to detail, making it an excellent choice. Xotic’s proprietary active/passive electronics give this beauty a great voice. SHOP BASS GEAR

Vintage Basses

Ty Campbell Shares

Definitely adds some classic feel and tone to your playing! SHOP BASS GEAR

Guitar 1 Custom Shop/Elegee Customs

Raul Amador Shares

I discovered these guys at the 2017 Winter NAMM show and they are doing some beautiful work with the tropical woods they have at their fingertips in the Philippines.

I have noted that they are pushing the envelope with new shapes and in particular, I am interested in seeing and hearing their new fretless bass. SHOP BASS GEAR







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