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Tarik Hasan Releases Yalla!

Tarik Hasan Releases Yalla!

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Tarik Hasan Releases Yalla!

Tarik Hasan Releases Yalla!

Independent recording artist Tarik Hassan has released Yalla!, his second album as a leader.

The album shows Tarik’s evolution as a composer as well as a bassist and improviser. It features nine new original compositions, all penned by Tarik, that explore the cross-sections of several musical cultures while remaining rooted in jazz. The influences of Tarik’s Arabic and Irish heritage can be heard across the album while the echos of his time spent in New Orleans can also be felt. The result is an exciting journey through a world without borders or barriers.

Accompanying him on this outing is a stellar group of musicians:

Drummers Fabio Augustinis and Michael Longoria, pianist Ben Irom, percussionist Noah Mosagofian, guitarist Brian Pardo, and violinist Kimberly Zielnicki. This group is scheduled to perform alongside Tarik in Austin area in late May for a string of CD release shows.

They will be turning their attention to the rest of the U.S. later in the year.
The album will be available in CD and digital formats and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Tracks: Yalla; Arab Spring; Tango Avec Frenchie; Twice At Once; Dance Of The Grackles; Falls Water; Dublin; Peacemaker; The Colors No One Wanted

Recorded in 2019 in Austin, Texas by Matt Meli, Victor Gasper at Orb Studios and Justin Douglas at King Electric Recording Co. Mixed by Matt Meli. Mastered by Misha Kachkachishvili, Esplanade Studios (New Orleans). Artwok by Lizz Farhat Chester, Fabulizz Design Studio.

For more information, visit online at and follow Tarik on Facebook @TarikHassanMusic/

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