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Interview with Bassist Teymur Phell

Bassist Teymur Phell

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Interview with Bassist Teymur Phell

Interview with Bassist Teymur Phell

Bassist Teymur Phell…

I am sure that many of you will remember Teymur Phell from our “Music On Our Radar” feature and his killer album “Master Volume”.

“Master Volume” December 2019 review:

I have always thought it is best to hit first and hard if you want to cause a lasting impression. Teymur Phell does exactly this with his first track titled “Zero to Sixty”. Brace yourself for high acceleration in a lightning-fast precise demonstration of amazing bass playing. More important than sheer speed, this track is very musical and carefully woven and blended with a solid band.

The rest of this album is a very nice variety of original tunes in genres ranging from Fusion to Funk to Latin to Blues and including some tonal patterns I recognize as middle eastern or Israeli.

This is a superb solo bass album where Teymur is putting all his six strings to work pushing the envelope of what a bassist can perform and doing so with the help of a great group of musicians who can share his avant-garde vision

I was blown away with this music and spectacular bass playing. You can imagine how thrilled I was to get a chance to chat with Teymur via Skype.

Meet Teymur and learn about his journey, his music, his gear and future plans.

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