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Demeter VTBP 800 D Review

Demeter VTBP 800 D Review

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Demeter VTBP 800 D Review

Demeter VTBP 800 D Review

Demeter VTBP 800 D…

This is the second video I did in the pursuit of tone, this time exploring the Demeter VTBP 800 D amp, which features a tube preamp section. 

Available online at

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David C Gross has been the bassist for a lot of folks. He has written 14 bass books and 3 instructional videos, hosts “The Notes From An Artist Radio Show” on Monday nights 8 PM EDT, and the “Notes From An Artist” podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

NFAA brings you behind the scenes with individuals who forged a timeless musical canon – spanning rock, jazz, funk, blues, folk, country, and permutations thereof. Listen to stories and anecdotes hitherto untold and relive more than a few chronicles that have become lore with a fresh vision. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. Celebrate the past, live in the present, and anticipate the future – take Notes From An Artist

You can contact David @ for more information regarding his online lessons and world-renown correspondence course.

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