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New Album: Colin Trusedell’s “The Quarantine Chronicles”

New Album: Colin Trusedell's "The Quarantine Chronicles"

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New Album: Colin Trusedell’s “The Quarantine Chronicles”

New Album: Colin Trusedell’s “The Quarantine Chronicles”

Colin Trusedell’s “The Quarantine Chronicles”… Frustration, Hope, Anger, & Determination are THE emotions you will feel.

Colin Trusedell’s seventh full-length 10-song album, “The Quarantine Chronicles”, attempts to simply answer this question; 

What do you feel right now? 

Composed and recorded at his home during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in the spring of 2020, this new work shows off Trusedell’s songwriting skills and emotional musicianship.

Played entirely on an acoustic bass guitar, this album is very different from Trusedell’s previous six releases that are mainly jazz upright bass or funk/fusion electric bass recordings. The Quarantine Chronicles are 10 different songs that feed from the indie, folk, pop, and classical impressionist genres of music.

The album will surely not disappoint any bass players but will likely draw more instrumental music listeners too. An extremely personal album, Trusedell lets his listeners in on the many feelings that all of us have experienced during the 2020 pandemic. 

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