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Review: Marbin, Russian Dolls

Review: Marbin, Russian Dolls


Review: Marbin, Russian Dolls

Review: Marbin, Russian Dolls

Marbin, Russian Dolls with Dani Rabin on bass…

There are many branches on the “Jazz Tree” that most people don’t consider when they think of this musical genre. Marbin’s approach to their unique sound is to blend Israeli folk music with Tango and traditional Jazz. The end result is an old world meets new world evolved innovation that feels familiar but is new and different at the same time.

Russian Dolls presents seven original tracks with sax, bass, drums, and guitar is nicely woven into a fine musical tapestry from Danny Markovitch, Dani Rabin, and Antonio Sanchez. You will be treated to a vast array of musical performances that run a full range of emotions. Sometimes you will tap your toes happily and at others, you become a bit introspective and feel the blues. The bass does a solid job of keeping the groove going but this is an album where the soprano sax is king.

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