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We Are All In This Together: January 2021 Issue

We Are All In This Together: January 2021 Issue

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We Are All In This Together: January 2021 Issue

We Are All In This Together: January 2021 Issue

Here we are in January 2021… and 2020 has been a life-altering year that has made A HISTORICAL LANDMARK of the year gone by.

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I mean think about it, we have never been closer to each other by being apart, maintaining our social distance from people. And what I mean by being closer is that for one of the first times in modern history the entire world is dancing to the same exact beat at exactly the exact same time.

I have always believed in converting life’s harder challenges into an eventual reward, working with the invisible as opposed to becoming paralyzed by what I can see that I don’t yet understand.

When those situations arise, I have always looked at it as an opportunity to turn my frustrations into art and education in order to bypass what I must consider as an opportunity and not a deterrent from my true destiny. Because there are only two choices, make it better or accept that it’s going to get worst, which has never been an option for me.

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are who you hang out with. All this is part of the conscious journey we must take in order to adapt to the changing times that have always happened throughout history.

In this January 1, 2021 issue of Bass Musician Magazine, I decided to reach out to my most inspiring Musician Friends, Company Presidents, and Individuals that have been instrumental in my life as well as so many others around the world. These people bring happiness in one form or another as well as being the most Loyal human beings to themselves and their true mission in life… I am lucky enough to have known them.

I asked them some important questions and got some important answers that will fill your mind and soul with the energy and possibilities that you can really use as a sounding board to get you grooving and moving to your own beat in 2021.

In this issue, you will be hearing what Billy Sheehan, Rhonda Smith, Alain Caron, Kevin Brandino Brandon, Matt Eichen (President of Musicvox), Scott Fietsam (President of Morley), Sheldon Dingwall (President of Dingwall Guitars), Phil Rehm, Paul Belgrado (Belgium Luthier PBSI), Brandon Michael and the great Dr. John Manhold who is turning 102 years old and is a real-life true renascence man who has actually seen it all and even got to hang out with Albert Einstein (COME ON!!!!!!).

Visit Online: Billy Sheehan, Rhonda Smith, Alain Caron, Kevin Brandino Brandon, Matt Eichen, Scott Fietsam, Sheldon Dingwall, Phil Rehm, Paul Belgrado, Brandon Michael, Dr. John Manhold

I want to thank everyone who took part in this epic interview about the present and future, as well as Raul and Valery from BMM for letting me be me as well as all the listeners and viewers who will be taking part in this positive energy transfer.

As strange as this may all seem, we are all going through this together and that means that we are truly not alone.

Let us take advantage of this new-found extra time and really try to extract the nectar of positivity and personal evolution from it so we are ready to kick some serious new ass for when the curtain comes up to expose it in all its glory.

May this be your greatest year ever.

Love and Respect Momo

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