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CD Review- Brian Bromberg, A Little Driving Music


CD Review: Brian Bromberg, A Little Driving Music

CD Review: Brian Bromberg, A Little Driving Music

Brian Bromberg, A Little Driving Music…

I always feel like my life has a background soundtrack playing in support of whatever I am doing. This is especially true for those very fun road trips. I usually have a collection of music loaded into the car to keep us alert and upbeat. Now, Brian Bromberg has made his own album that was created to be the perfect soundtrack for our next adventure, A Little Driving Music!

Brian brings us a baker’s dozen of tracks that are guaranteed to be playing in the car the next time we are out on the road.

As always, Brian is super detail-oriented and each track is perfectly arranged, perfectly mixed, and jam-packed with excellent bass work. He has brought in a stellar group of musicians for this project (including Dave Koz) and there is a very nice variety of grooves and mostly upbeat tunes. There is so much variety here that this album can fit into almost every genre there is, giving it universal appeal.

Brian’s genius goes far beyond his excellent bass playing, which never fails to blow me away as he is so fluent on electric as well upright bass. He keeps pushing the envelope and taking his music to the next level. I have never heard a more versatile bass player and can honestly say I have really enjoyed every album Brian has put out. If you have not heard him yet, I encourage you to start with this album and work your way backward through his entire collection (available on his website).

A Little Driving Music is a must hear for bass fans but is perfect for any and everyone.

You can hear this album playing as I drive by but it would be better if you get your own.

A Little Driving Music is available at

Cover Interview: Brian Bromberg, Bringing the Funk – November 2018 Issue

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