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Adam Nitti
Adam Nitti has emerged as one of the cutting edge bassists and composers in the world of instrumental jazz and rock. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Adam currently has 3 CDs released on his own Re [...]
Aidan Hampson
Aidan Hampson is a bass player and teacher from Southampton, UK. As well as teaching across many schools and colleges in the area, he can also be found gigging regularly in both original and function [...]
Alain Caron
Canadian bassist Alain Caron's musical career began at the early age of 11 and he soon discovered the music which would become his life's passion - jazz. In the early 70s he moved to Montreal and star [...]
Alberto Rigoni
Alberto Rigoni is an Italian bass player and composer. As a solo artist he released 3 albums between 2008 and 2012  (Something Different, Rebirth, Three Wise Monkeys) collaborating with famous musici [...]
Al Caldwell
Clinician, Performer, Engineer, Producer, Musician, Hillbilly, Cultural Nomad Al started off with trumpet and as a singer/dancer. In 1976 he taught himself bass and landed a gig with 'R.J. and the Rh [...]
Alex Lofoco
Alex Lofoco is a native Itailan musician based in the UK. As a relative newcomer to the London music scene, he is already surprisingly established. As a bass player Alex possesses an enviable combinat [...]
Alex Wilkerson
Alex Wilkerson grew up in a musical family where his father has a Masters in music and his mother plays flute and keys.  He started his musical training through 8 years of classical piano as a child, [...]
Allee Futterer
 Allee Futterer is a 19 year-old bassist from Los Angeles, California. Before attending Berklee College of Music she attended the Orange County High School of the Arts where she studied classical and [...]
Andrea Fascetti
Andrea is an Italian 7-string bassist and composer.He started playing when he was eight but seriously at the late age of seventeen. He came from a musical family and was influenced early on by his gra [...]
Andreas Farmakalidis
Andreas Farmakalidis is a freelance acoustic & electric bass player based in CA. Since graduating -magna cum laude- from the esteemed Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis Unive [...]
Brent-Anthony Johnson
An in-demand session bassist and producer, Brent-Anthony Johnson has exercised his positive attitude, musical knowledge and exceptional playing ability for the soul purpose of experiencing music on th [...]
Bill Bartolini
Bill is the owner of Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. He designs and builds magnetic pickups for electric guitars and basses as well as on-board electronics for electric guitars and basses, pickups [...]
Bill Dickens
Bill Dickens is a phenomenal bass talent whose reputation has reached legendary cult status. As one of the top session bassist in the world, Bill can be heard on numerous recordings as well as seen li [...]
Bill Harrison
Bill is a graduate of DePaul University, and has been a performer, teacher and clinician for nearly thirty years. His jazz credits include work with Clark Terry, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roac [...]
Bill Lanphier
Live Performance: Michael Bolton, Richard Carpenter, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, David Foster, Kenny G, Art Garfunkle, Rickie Lee Jones, Ivan Milev, Madonna - Virgin Tour and Live Aid, The R [...]
I am known as "BISCUIT" and I am a self-taught bass guitarist of some 19 years now. I play 5 and 6 string Spector basses exclusively, and have used them all with many bands during live and recording w [...]
Bob Considine
Bob Considine began playing bass in high school and then went to one of the greatest jazz colleges in the study journalism. The result has been a 15-year-career that has seen him profile [...]
Brad Houser
Brad Houser is a founding member of Critters Buggin and New Bohemians (with Edie Brickell). Currently he plays bass with Boombox ATX, The Deadkennygs, Mingtones, David Garza, and a cast of thousands i [...]
Brad Russell
Bass guitar virtuoso BRAD RUSSELL has released his debut solo album Let's Hear It! on STEVE VAT's Digital Nations label. Featuring guitar legend JOE SATRIANI, Let's Hear It! explores musical frontiers [...]
Bruno Tauzin
French bassist born in 1981, Bruno Tauzin is also a composer, percussionist, guitarist and pianist. He began studying the organ when he was 10 then turned to music more electric at the age of 15 star [...]
Carl Dawkins
In his short time in the Industry, Carl has developed himself into one of the country's most exciting and all rounded musicians, growing with the metal genre and then broadening his listening and pass [...]
Chance Walte
Photo: "Chance lets loose in the front show room of Fearless Guitars"Chance is the owner of Fearless Guitars in Portland, OR. Nearing its second birthday, Fearless Guitars is thriving and has settled [...]
Chris Metaxas
Chris Metaxas joins the BMM staff representing the voice of the readers and the “average players” who just love everything about the bass. He comes to BMM with a passion and connection to those wh [...]
Damian Erskine
Damian Erskine is not your ordinary bass player.  While not touring, Damian hones his chops with some of the best jazz and latin musicians the West coast has to offer.  Damian is known for his abili [...]
Darren Frate
Darren Frate has been playing bass for more than 35 years, including 15 as a teacher. Frate, who majored in film scoring at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, specializes in electric bass, music [...]
Dave Tuckman
Dave is the owner and founder of Since opening their virtual doors in 1998, has grown to become th [...]
David Dyson
Born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1965, David was brought to Washington, D.C. by his parents at the early age of two. He began his education in D.C. public schools, later moving to the metropolitan [...]
Dennis Moody
Having participated on well over 1,000 albums, Dennis Moody has established himself at the top of his field. He is highly regarded in the international music scene as a skilled and versatile engineer [...]
Don Campbell
Don Campbell is a Northwest blues musician, songwriter, producer and complete knucklehead. He cut his teeth in teen bands in Southern Oregon, before finding his way to Eugene, where he went to school [...]
Doug Johns
Doug’s raw presence, energy, and all-around crowd-wowing prowess can be heard on numerous recordings and stages. Believing that a good musician surrounds himself with great musicians, Doug h [...]
Ed Lucie
Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music"More than anything I want students to get to the point—not sometime in the future, not sometime at the end of the week or the semester or their time at [...]
Eric Parsons
Eric picked up the bass guitar in Junior High and hasn’t put it down since.  After figuring out that he could have a blast and earn money, Eric quit his paper route and played in bar bands through [...]
Franz Vitulli
Franz Vitulli is a bass player, music teacher, and digital marketing, social media and all other 2.0 thingies expert. He has been playing since he was 15 and has built a significant experience gigging [...]
2007 finds Willis relaunching his solo and bandleader career with the release of "Actual Fiction" and the avant-jam-trio "Slaughterhouse 3". Early reviews of "Actual Fiction" describe that it's "every [...]
Harvey Citron
A guitarist, bandleader, and former architect, Harvey Citron has been building guitars, basses, and pickups since 1974. He co-founded Veillette-Citron in 1975, and during that partnership’s eight ye [...]
Igor Saavedra
It's amazing that Igor was not into music till he picked up a bass for the first time at the age of 22 in 1988. From then, he started an impressive and completely autodidact and self-taught learning t [...]
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime David Vazquez was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and started with classical guitar and music theory lessons at age 16. He entered the Interamerican University to study music education and bought [...]
Jake Kot
Jake Kot is the owner and designer for his custom bassline Kot Basses, partner in "Mitchell & Kot Productions", and performing on over 100 CD's, Jake has also written, arranged, and produced two s [...]
Jake Wolf
Jake Wolf is a professional bassist from Asheville, NC.  Originally hailing from the Boston area, he began playing bass in the sixth grade and hasn’t put it down since.  Jake graduated from the Ev [...]
Jason Heath
Jason Heath is an active double bass performer, educator, blogger, and podcaster. A native of South Dakota, Jason began playing with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and Sioux City Symphony Orchest [...]
Jayme Lewis
Jayme Lewis has been working for years as a sideman, an artist and a small business-owner residing in Northern Los Angeles. He is a national touring bassist and studio musician, a record producer, aut [...]
Jimi Durso
Jimi Durso is a bassist and guitarist in the New York area. He has been playing and teaching for over 20 years, and though he concentrates on his own music, some of the artists he has had the pleasure [...]
Joe Darcy is a web site that features video documentaries of some of the worlds most respected and renowned musicians giving live performances and discussing how they approach the creative pr [...]
John Kuhlman
John Kuhlman is a Las Vegas-based writer, freelance bassist, family man and dog nut. If he's not typing on a computer or exploring the bass, you can find him valiantly struggling for oxygen in the bac [...]
Jonathan Moody
Wearing a lot of hats in the music business helps keep Jon busy, and out of trouble. By day, he's the Assistant Manager of Social Media and Marketing at GHS Strings [...]
Josh Needleman
At the moment, I maintain a full roster of bass students and I just finished a unique bass instruction book called, "Getting Around The Bass" available on Amazon. I am also working on short and sweet [...]
Joshua Barnhart
Even though Josh was born in 1985 he wouldn't even touch an instrument for the next 17 years. It wasn't until Christmas of his senior year in high school that he would get his first bass. After only 2 [...]
Kenn Smith
Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he honed his musical skills as an freelance guitarist and bassist on the city's music scene. From nightclubs to theaters to studio sessions and tours, while per [...]
Kenny Butcher
I'm Kenny Butcher a musician, blogger and grace case from Ontairo, Canada! I proudly endorse Gruv Gear, Ashdown Amplifiers and INTEXCables! I started playing guitar when I was 12, but later fell in lo [...]
Kilian Duarte
Kilian Duarte is an active session and live bassist operating out of the Boston, MA area. A Senior at Berklee college of Music, and former student of Matthew Garrison, Kilian performs his own solo bas [...]
Lucas Pickford
I grew up in both Southern and Northern California and started playing the bass at age 13 after hearing and falling in love with the sound of Jaco Pastorius and Weather Report. My father Loren Pickfor [...]
Manuel Pino
Currently working on several projects in London and Milan, Manuel Pino is a italian-venezuelan bass player with over ten years of live and studio experience. Classically trained in double bass (conser [...]
Marcos Alto
Marcos Alto is a bass player, Producer and Journalist living in Spain. [...]
Mark Marxon
Mark has completed a bachelor of music at Newcastle University. He also studied under Steve Hunter (Chic Corea/Kim Lawson Trio/AIM) for 6 months. You can find tutorials from Mark as a guest teacher on [...]
Mark von Bergen
Mark von Bergen plays upright bass, bass guitar and Theramin with the jazz groove band, The Rhythm Dogs.  His interests range from cosmic to straight ahead jazz, from funk to fusion, from dub reggae [...]
Mark Wright
Mark Wright is the manager and designer of AccuGroove Speaker Cabinets & Amps. He started playing bass in 1970 in an originals rock band while the last 37 years has seen him play in a variety of s [...]
Martin Simpson
Martin Simpson was born in 1956 in London, England. His musical life began 16 years later with the acquisition of a Columbus bass – "a pretty poor copy of the Fender Jazz". Not coming from a musical [...]
Maureen Pandos
Maureen Pandos is a luthier in Portland, Oregon where she owns and operates MDP Bass Works: A violin shop specializing in the Double Bass. Ms. Pandos is a graduate of the Manhattan S [...]
Michael Lazarus
Born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Michael is a North California based music professional with recording, touring and teaching experience who specializes in Caribbean music. Along with many ye [...]
Michael Manring
Hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist, Michael Manring has been pushing back the boundaries of whatís possible on the bass guitar for over two decades. While his technical skill and in [...]
Mikel Combs
Mikel Combs is a versatile acoustic and electric bassist currently living and working in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  He received a BM and MM (fall 2009) in jazz studies from the University of No [...]
Mike Pope
Raised on the sounds of classical and jazz piano in Bowling Green, Ohio, Mike Pope's musical development began as a pianist at age 7. Through his brother, Pope discovered the electric bass, and by age [...]
Oteil Burbridge
The world knows Oteil Burbridge as the Allman Bros.' bassist and as a founding member of The Aquarium Rescue Unit. In recent years, Oteil and the Peacemakers have brought more attention to Oteil's ski [...]
Paul McBride
Paul has been playing electric bass avidly since the ripe age of 15.  As a young boy, he knew that playing music was the path that had been set for him.  The idea of reaching new and unusual people [...]
Phil Baker
For the past twenty years, no Northwest bass player has been in more demand in more capacities than Phil Baker. Phil's mastery of both the acoustic and electric bass as well as his talents as a compos [...]
PW Farrell
PW Farrell is a solo artist, session musician, producer/composer and teacher. He is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Bachelor of Music – Jazz Performance) and the Victorian Coll [...]
Rajoe is a YouTube bassist from a little country called Hungary. Being mostly self-taught with the help of the countless online resources (MarloweDK, Janek Gwizdala, Jeff Berlin, Adam Nitti, John Pati [...]
Dr. Randall Kertz
Randall Kertz is a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator, author, and bass player in private practice in suburban Chicago, IL. He treats many local, national, and international musicians of [...]
Raul Amador
Raul Amador serves as the Executive Editor of Bass Musician Magazine and is the Co-founder of V.I.E., LLC, publisher of virtual magazines. This dentist-by-day, Raul picked up the bass several years [...]
Ray Riendeau
Ray is a highly sought after bassist whose versatile style and dedication to the instrument has earned him world tours and many major CD recording projects. His musical expertise and knowledge of the [...]
Reggie Washington
Over the last 3 years, Reggie has expanded his horizons & became a leader. His debut CD; "A Lot of Love, LIVE!" (JammincolorS) is comprised of (2) live trio concerts with saxophonist Ravi Coltran [...]
Rhayn Jooste
Rhayn is a musician whose interest lies in musical spontaneity and improvisation. He is a commercially aware music graduate with in-depth insight into the processes of Indie music obtained through con [...]
Ric Fierabracci
Ric Fierabracci has performed, recorded and run the gamut for artists like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Bill Evans, Frank Gambale, Tom Coster, Andy Summers (with Sting as a special guest) to [...]
Rick Suchow
Rick Suchow has been an in-demand bassist on the live New York music scene for more than three decades, logging nearly 4000 gigs in a career that has taken him from Lincoln Center to the White House. [...]
Rob Collier
Rob Collier earned his DMA in Composition at the University of Maryland. He currently teaches music theory and composition at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, where he is also an active [...]
Samantha Leigha-Shiff
Samantha Leigha-Shiff is a South Florida based reporter and photographer who specializes in music industry projects. [...]
Simon Zauels
At the age of 6 years he began playing the Cello. After 10 years of Cello lessons and a 2-year stay at the State Music High School Montabaur, he put the Cello aside and picked up the electric Bass. A [...]
Steve Adelson
Steve Adelson is one of the premier Chapman Stick players in the world. He has played to enthusiastic audiences worldwide including Istanbul, Tokyo, Montreal, Kauai, Montreal and al [...]
Steve Gregory
Leaps of faith can lead you on an amazing journey. This certainly describes the musical path Steve Gregory has taken.  Raised in Virginia, he spent his early years playing in local bands and immersi [...]
Tim Risser
Tim has played bass for over twenty years and had toured and recorded with hard rock band Anthrophobia. Tim is currently playing in the thrash metal band Drown in the Shallows and also is working the [...]
Tim Seisser
Tim Seisser was born in Elgin, Illinois and grew up in Arlington Heights, a suburb of Chicago.   He began playing the bass at age 13 and quickly progressed, technically and musically, thru high schoo [...]
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson is recognized as a pioneer of the six-string bass. With his Zon signature model six-string bass, Johnson uses an innovative technique where he plays chord changes and bass lines simultane [...]
Todd Urban
Todd Urban works as a freelance bassist, therapist, and educator in the New York City area. He has published several orchestral scores and contributed to a significant number of reputable albums as a [...]
Tom Wictor
Thomas Wictor worked as a stevedore, library archivist, conversational English teacher, editor of the world's first online newspaper, voiceover actor, delivery driver, process server, field representa [...]
Ty Campbell
Born and raised in the hills of southern Ohio, Ty became interested in music at the early age of 5. His parents started him on lessons on guitar, and later on, clarinet and tenor sax as well. Ty start [...]
Vail Johnson
Vail Johnson is a solo artist and bassist most well know for his work with Kenny G since 1986. Vail grew up in Seattle, WA youngest of 6 boys in a musical family. He started on trumpet in 4th grade [...]
Valery Amador
Valery serves as Bass Musician Magazine's Publisher and News Editor, and is the Co-founder of vie, and online publishing company. [...]
Vuyani Wakaba
Vuyani Wakaba is a South African bassist that is based in Chicago, Illinois. He is the bassist for Chicago blues legend and Delmark recording artist Eddie C. Campbell. Vuyani is the founder of the Ch [...]
Yiorgos Fakanas
In 1980 he participated in the historic recording of Manos Hadjidakis'(composer of  the Oscar- winning score for the famous film "Never on Sunday") "Lilipoupolis", and since then has  taken part in [...]
Yves Carbonne
Yves Carbonne was born may 23, 1967 in Auch (Gers - south of France), and grew up close to Bordeaux.  His parents were not musicians, but gave him piano lessons when he was 7. Carbonne has been alwa [...]