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Bass Musician

Gear News: Future Impact V4 Guitar & Bass Synth Now Available in the U.S.

Editor, Raul Amador

Interview With Barker Bass’s Inventor and Writer Lee Barker

Ty Campbell

Spector NS Ethos HP 4 Bass Review

Valery Amador

Coffee Break Grooves – Smooth Backing Tracks For Bass Players

Jaime Vazquez

BASS LINES: Triads & Inversions Part III

Damian Erskine

Damian Erskine Reviews the Stadium Bag by GruvGear

Jonathan Moody

Review: Eventide H90 Part 1… How I Cut My Pedalboard In Half


Spotlight Interview: Mark Smith from Bass North

Dr. Randall Kertz

Preparing for Performance with Dr. Randy Kertz

Alberto Rigoni

Alusonic Django Supreme Custom 5-string Bass Review

Jake Wolf

Review: Sushi Box Elementary and More Pedals

Steve Rosati

Working-Class Zeros: Episode #4 – Boutique and Vintage Basses, Dress Code for Summer Gigs

Andrea Fascetti

Bass Improvisation – Michael Brecker ‘Moment’s Notice’ Solo Adapted for Electric Bass

Kilian Duarte

Mike Pope, Low-End Renaissance Man: July 2020 Issue

Jake Kot

CD Review: Rhythm Dogs, Rewired

Steve Gregory

Avishai Cohen releases “The Healer” with Abraham Rodriguez, Jr.

Mark Marxon

Mark Marxon’s Meme Monday – Friday vs Monday

Rick Suchow

Jimmy Fallon, Tavis Smiley Help Nathan East With Solo Launch

Igor Saavedra

Why an 8 String Bass by Igor Saavedra

David Enos

Music Mechanics: The Context Principle (Part 2); Circle Progressions

B.A. Johnson

Interview With Bassist Craig Schoedler: Bass Legacy

David C Gross

Yolanda Charles, MBE – July 2024

Lucas Pickford

Bass Transcription of Flat Out by Guitarist John Scofield

Eric Parsons

The Bass Shack – The Five Dollar Insurance Policy

A. Farmakalidis

Bassist Oytun Ersan and His Band Release Fusiolicious

Josh Needleman

Dean Town Bass Transcription

Joshua Barnhart

Guide Tones by Joshua Barnhart

James Rosocha

Approach Notes – Part 6 

Donald Waugh

MG Bass Tone Demo

Jimi Durso

Relax by Jimi Durso

Holly Franklin

Mastering Speed on the Bass Guitar

John Kuhlman

Review – Westwood by Earthquaker Devices

Kevin Guin

Chromatic Major Sounds In Two Octaves


Larry Graham – Pow

Ray Riendeau

How To Buy a Vintage Fender Bass with Ray Riendeau

Tim Fletcher

Dan Hawkins Releases New Online Funk Bass Course


The A.V. Club

Doug Johns

Loopity-Loop by Doug Johns

Vuyani Wakaba

Luthier Spotlight: Maurizio Caduto of Maurizio Über Basses

Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti Technique Series: Practicing With Chord Tones, Part 2: Navigating Changes


Review: dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X by Tech 21

Mark von Bergen

Luthier Spotlight: Ellis Hahn of LEH Basses

Cláudio Ribeiro

Gear Review: Joyo Double Thruster – Modern Bass Distortion Redefined

David Dyson

Priorities by David Dyson

Phil Baker

In the Present by Phil Baker

Rhayn Jooste

Uptown Funk Bass Transcription

Alex Wilkerson

The Sorcerer – A Bass Transcription by Alex Wilkerson

Alexx Calise

Interview With Multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Emilio

Bill Harrison

Jazz Studies With Bill Harrison: Lesson 9 – Using Melodic Minor on the ii/V/i

Carl Dawkins

How Much Should I Charge for a Gig?

Tim Seisser

Don Ross, Michael Manring and Special Guest Andy McKee: Live In Toronto by Tim Seiser

Allee Futterer

Some Velvet Morning to Release 12 Singles in 2016

Rob Collier

Welcome to the Phil Zone: A Lesson in the Phil Lesh Style

Al Caldwell

Extended Bass With Al Caldwell

Kevin Freeby

The Illusion of Speed by Kevin Freeby

Yves Carbonne

Fretless Bass with Yves Carbonne : Melodic Exercice for Intonation and Technique

Alain Caron

Stretch’s & Jumps

Alex Lofoco

Lesson 4 – Double Thumbing with Alex Lofoco

Brad Houser

D. Lakin Basses – Bob Glaub Signature Model Review {Video}

Darren Frate

Darren Frate’s Altered Tunings: D-F#-C#-E

Tim Risser

Bassist Rob Calder’s Humble Approach to Playing, Recording and Enjoying the Journey

Todd Johnson

The Jazz Gym: Part 5 of the Improvisers Workout Program | Major II-V-I Vocabulary

Brad Russell

Tribute to Maxim Janowsky

Chris Pizzolo

The Will Lee and Binky Griptite Interview – April 2023 Issue

Dennis Moody

The Tom Fowler ‘Sound’

Franz Vitulli

How To Have A Successful First Rehearsal With A New Band by Franz Vitulli

Jason Heath

Exploring the Jazz Bass Scene with Contrabass Conversations

Justin Emord

Understanding Artist Endorsements

Marco Ignacio Toba

Walk on the 16th Note Groove

Anna Achimowicz

Most Injuries Are Self-inflicted… A look Into the Mirror of Bass Player’s Health

Chance Walte

In This Issue | MSI, Joe Barden, DR, AccuGroove, Fodera, Ashdown : Product Impressions

Ian Stewart

La Chica Red Bull Bass Transcription

Mark Wright

Beginnings of Christian and Gospel Bass with Mark Wright

Maureen Pandos

The Best in Double Bass Strings by Maureen Pandos

Michael Lazarus

Beyond Salsa: The Bass and Piano in Contemporary Cuban Dance Music

Mike Pope

Practice Session Tips

Simon Zauels

Lee Konitz Saxophone Solo, Transcription For Electric Bass

Bentura Madrid

La Bella Olinto Bass Review

Bill Dickens

If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It

Harvey Citron

Bass Setup by Harvey S. Citron

Ivan Carranza

Willie Weeks Bass Transcription

Keith Collins

Finding the Best Upright Bass Mics… Here Are Some Options

Manuel Pino

Adioaxiom: A Dub Transmission – Transcription by Manuel Pino

Oteil Burbridge

It’s All About Attitude by Oteil Burbridge

Paul McBride

Christopher Beaudette: Bass Special Teams & Multi-Instrumentalist

PW Farrell

The Human Capacity for Music by PW Farrell

Silas Maitland

How To Record Bass For Remote Sessions – Part 2, Mixing and Production with Fred Abbott

Vail Johnson

On the Road With Vail Johnson: Kenny G: Setting the Record Straight…

Ahmad Hani

Bass Lesson – The Hijaz and Jazz Improvisation

Bill Bartolini

Bill Bartolini: Something to Share

Bill Lanphier

Wild Bill’s World With Bill Lanphier: Really Odd-Meter Bass

Cole Davis

Video: So You Want to Talk About Thumb Position

Curt Miller

Tapping into Impermanence, A Discussion with Bassist John Ferrara

Derek Jones

Bass Musician Magazine Reviews – The Nadine from Ear Trumpet Labs

Ed Lucie

Ed Lucie Answers Your Questions: Chord Substitutions

Freddy Villano

The Bassists of Gary Moore by Freddy Villano

George Gekas

The Revivalists: “Got Love” Bass Technique Breakdown

Ivor Levene

Brian Wilson – Take 3

Jayme Lewis

Modulating Sweep Arpeggios and Inversions by Jayme Lewis

Joe Fazio

Video Demo – DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe

Jon von Boehm

PJB Nanobass X4 Review

Keiko Gutierrez

Bass Musician Magazine’s Year of the Luthier – George and Marcel Furlanetto

Kenn Smith

The Bass Player and Networking

Kenny Butcher

Build Your Own Clone AB True Bypass Looper Pedal by Kenny Butcher

Kevin Smith

BASS IMPROVISATION: The Complete Guide to Soloing

Laura Greenberg

10 Not So Standard Blues Forms Every Bassist Should Know

Martin Simpson

SA With Martin Simpson: An Interview with Barry Irwin

Michael Manring

Solo Bass 101 by Michael Manring

Paul DeStefano

Video Review and Demo: Spector’s New NS Pulse 5, NS Ethos 5, and NS Dimension 5

Reggie Washington

Anatomy of MY Groove : Grooves With Reggie Washington

Ric Fierabracci

The Audition Process & Some Other Wacky Things to Think About…

Selina Metoxen

An Interview with Andy Irvine by Selina “The Fox” Metoxen

Steve Adelson

The Chapman Stick by Steve Adelson

Steve Araujo

Darkglass Microtubes 500 Review

Suzy Starlite

Walking The Bass

Tech Support

Hal Leonard’s 25 Top Rock Bass Songs

Todd Urban

The NS Radius Bass – A New Approach to Bass Ergonomics by Todd Urban

Vaughn Skow

David Ellefson Talks BASSTORY

William Ellis

One LP Project: Victor Bailey

W. Hochberg, Esq.

Walking the Bass Line: How Original Does a Riff Need to Be in the Post – “Blurred Lines” World

Yiorgos Fakanas

Development of Technique and Its’ Right of Use Helps Expression and Musicality by Yiorgos Fakanas